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In this part of the site you will find the latest news of RhOME for denCity, the italian team of “Università degli Studi di Roma TRE” that will take part to Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 edition in Versailles.

Photos, videos and interviews will let everyone TO “MEET” the whole group and to know every single component experience.

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And the winner is: RhOME for denCity! Italy is world champion in sustainable architecture.

Italy wins the first prize in the competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, beating 19 other...

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The great sustainable beauty – Official video – RhOME for denCity – SDE2014

Our official video for Solar Decathlon 2014 in Versailles.

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Agenda RhOME – RhOME for denCity – SDE2014

Every day, follow what happens during the Solar Decathlon with “Agenda RhOME” and our team....

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September 11th 2014 – Costruire, Abitare, Futuro – Chienes

DATE: 11th of September 2014 WHERE: Rubner Center Kiens - Chienes HOUR: 02.30 p.m. SPEAKERS: Chiara Tonelli, Norbert Lantschner, Georg Binder, Werner Sobek...

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September 10th 2014 – Plenary meeting “ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY AND MOBILITY: to live in sustainable cities” – Rome

DATE: 10th of September 2014 WHERE: Isola Tiberina, Rome – Arena HOUR: 08.00 p.m. SPEAKERS: Chiara Tonelli During the days...

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September 9th 2014 – Smart City, la sfida delle “città intelligenti” capaci di cavalcare la rivoluzione digitale – Il Messaggero

DATE: 9th of September 2014 WHERE: Il Messaggero TITLE: Smart City, la sfida delle “città intelligenti” capaci di...

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